Community Impact

Giving to the Communities We Serve

Through donations, support and resources, we can bring change

Community Impact: You’ve heard the term before, and you probably have an accurate interpretation of what it means. It means being responsive to your community. It’s being a responsible community member, and even a community leader. At Passumpsic Bank, we work hard to have an impact by supporting the amazing efforts of the not-for-profit and non-profit organizations in the communities we serve: Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, Central Vermont and New Hampshire’s North Country.


While all these things are undeniably true, taking care of our neighbors when and where they need it is what defines us as leaders. Whether it’s through donations, resources or other kinds of support, giving is our greatest opportunity to help our communities build and grow in sustainable, lasting ways. This isn’t a new calling. No, it’s always been there and to some degree, always will be. It is an honor and a privilege to keep answering it!


Is there a program we can help to support or provide resources for? Let's put our heads together, because that's what community leaders do. Let's get started right now:

Passumpsic Bank’s funding priorities are:

  • Affordable housing
  • Cultural and performing arts
  • Healthcare, education and human services
  • Environmental and preservation programs
  • Small business and job development programs
  • Services targeted primarily to low and moderate income individuals and families

The impact Team Passumpsic and our partners can have on the communities we serve is significant. So please, join us and as the saying goes, do what you can. Better yet, together, let’s do what WE can. And together, as the resilient, forward-thinking community we are, let’s show our neighbors that we see them and that we care.

We look forward to considering requests and having the opportunity to partner with organizations supporting the health and vitality of the families and communities served.