Travel Notifications

Why (and How) You Should Notify Your Bank Before Traveling

You’ve packed your suitcase, planned your itinerary, and checked into your flight. Surely you’ve done everything you need to prepare for your vacation, right?

There’s one small, but crucial step that people often forget before traveling abroad: notifying the bank.

Notify your bank before using a credit or debit card when traveling

Passumpsic Bank does whatever we can to protect you from identity theft. If Passumpsic Bank spots transactions in an unfamiliar location, we may assume your card is being used fraudulently and shut it off.

When you let us know that you’re going away, we add a record to your account and share it with our fraud detection system. This prevents your “abnormal” spending patterns from triggering a block on your card.

How to notify your bank of your travel plans--give us a call at 802-748-3196 or visit the branch most convenient to you.

Text Alerts to Your Debit Card to Help Prevent Fraud:

Your Passumpsic Bank debit card has enhanced fraud alerts through text messages. This benefit will allow us to contact you, especially when you are traveling, to verify that a debit card transaction is valid or if it's potentially fraudulent.

If you choose to opt out of this text feature we will continue to communicate with you by telephone, email and/or letter to warn you of possible fraudulent activity. This could result in an interruption of your debit card access.

Once we verify we have your correct cell phone number, you will receive a text from Passumpsic Bank. It will read: Passumpsic SavingsBank Card Fraud Alerts activation text. Reply YES to confirm your enrollment, HELP for help, STOP to cancel texting. Msg&Data Rates May Apply. If you reply YES you will be signed up for this program.

In order for us to better serve you we must have your most current contact information (mailing address, email, cell & home numbers). You may contact us at 802-748-3196 or visit the branch most convenient to you.


CardHub is a Next-Generation Digital Experience

CardHub is more than just an upgrade to CardValet – it’s a whole new platform for card innovation. No extra apps to download or additional logins to remember. This feature is integrated into your mobile banking app.

CardHub is designed around how you use your debit card. It’s a single place to get, use and manage cards and empower you to control your cards, see your spending clearly and use your cards more easily.

CardHub enables you to:

  • Get a Card Quickly--you can request a replacement card on the app
  • Manage Cards on the Go--self-service options are available 24/7 and card controls/alerts let you know and decide when, where and how your cards are used.
  • Understand Spending Clearly--you can clearly see and track where your card is being used--in-person, online, in-app and for card on file purposes
  • Use Card Easily--you can easily add your debit card to digital wallets and view your card
  • Engage in Real Time--real time alerts that are easy to access