Merchant Services

Grow your revenue, expand payment possibilities.

Every business is a little different, so you need choices. That’s why Passumpsic Bank Merchant Services offers a choice of electronic payment processing products.

We have local staff to assist you with set up and any questions that you may have. Should you experience an issue with your equipment, we have equipment on hand to get you back up and processing quickly. With our services you can accept:

  • All major credit cards
  • PIN based debit cards
  • Checks
  • Gift and loyalty cards
  • Voyager and fleet cards
  • EBT cards

You choose how you process your transactions:

  • Over the phone
  • Over the internet
  • Wireless terminal
  • Personal Computer
  • Electronic terminal

Merchant Card Services

Give your business the convenience of accepting credit cards for payment of products or services.

Merchant Deposit Advantage

This service allows you to deposit checks to your Passumpsic bank accounts from the comfort of your office using a scanner attached to your computer via a secure internet connection.

  • Make a deposit anytime
  • Save time on deposit preparation
  • Reduced number of trips to the bank
  • Reduced risk of check fraud
  • Safer and more secure than mailing

Mobile Processing

If you’re always on the go, Mobile Processing gives you the ability to accept credit and debit cards from a stable and secure point of sale device. Convenient!

Government Payment System

We can provide tailored payment solutions for collecting taxes, operating a government-owned business, or running a school system, all responsive to government needs.

Check Conversion

Our Electronic Check Conversion program satisfies the check-writing customer, and gives your business the convenience and security of an electronic payment. Checks can now be taken risk free!

Voyager Fleet Card

Expand your client base to include the many governmental and corporate agencies that use the Voyager Fleet Card. Voyager is designed to assist fleet managers in regulating company vehicle expenses.

Gift & Loyalty Card

The gift card is the new gift certificate! This gift/loyalty card is cashier activated with a unique, electronically encoded account number stored on a magnetic stripe. Each time the cardholder makes a purchase, visits are tracked, and amount spent is deducted.


This product makes it easy for non-branded store owners to accept Wright Express and Voyager at both in-store and Pay-at-the-Pump stations. Merchants can also accept private label cards such as Fuelman and Goodyear, although separate fees will apply.

Medical Processing via Online Secure or Traditional Terminal

This is a great safeguard for doctor’s offices to help ensure they get paid for services rendered.

Through processing with our medical program and a one-page form that customers fill out, the merchant may capture the co-pay or full bill at the time of service.