Kasasa Banking Products


What are Kasasa banking products? And why do they rock?

Our customers love Kasasa. Why? Because our Kasasa banking products help them earn more, save more, and get the flexible financing they need. They include:

  • Kasasa checking accounts
  • Kasasa Saver accounts
  • Kasasa Loans with Take-Backs

Let’s talk about why they rock.

Rack up rewards with Kasasa checking accounts

Many of our customers have made the switch to Kasasa checking because of the great rewards.

Our Kasasa Cash and Cash Back accounts, for example, let you earn interest or cash back on purchases. Getting those rewards is easy, too. All you need to do is sign up for eStatements, set up a monthly direct deposit or automatic payment, and make 12+ debit purchases each month.

Worried about falling short of those requirements? No worries! You’ll miss out on rewards that month, but you won’t be charged any fees, and you can start fresh again the next month.

Amplify rewards and savings with a Kasasa Saver

Opening a Kasasa Saver account is easy. All you need is a Kasasa Cash or Cash Back account, and you’re good to go with the Saver — gaining access to some cool features and benefits that differentiate it from traditional savings accounts.

  1. You earn a higher interest rate than traditional savings. To get those savings, you simply need to meet the monthly activity requirements we mentioned above for your connected checking account.
  2. Cash rewards are automatically deposited. If you have a Kasasa Cash Back checking account, all the rewards you earn will be automatically deposited into your Saver account, where they’ll start to earn interest.
  3. There’s no minimum balance or fees. That’s right! Even if you fall short of your checking account’s activity requirements, we won’t charge any fees. You won’t earn the full APY that month, but you’ll still earn interest that’s comparable to a traditional savings account.

Finance life’s necessities with a flexible Kasasa Loan

Whatever you’re looking to do — consolidate debt, buy a car, remodel your home, pay for a wedding, or something else — apply for a Kasasa Loan to get flexible financing.

What makes it so flexible? That would be the Take-Backs, which make it easy for you to pay off the loan quickly and confidently.

Basically, whenever you make a loan payment, we keep track of how much you pay beyond your principal payments. Those extra funds, then, remain available for you to withdraw as a Take-Back, so you don’t have to worry about overextending yourself.

Making a withdrawal is easy. No need to call anyone at the bank. Simply log in to the Kasasa Dashboard to request a Take-Back, and there you have it! The withdrawal won’t affect your interest rate either; you’ll just lose some of the progress you made from paying beyond your principal payment.

Learn more about our Kasasa products

Can you see why so many of our customers switch to Kasasa products? If you’d like to learn more about them, follow the links below!