Welcome, Skylar!


Skylar the Virtual Assistant is the furry face of Passumpsic Bank’s Digital Customer Service offering. After-hours visitors to the Passumpsic Bank website will see Skylar and know help is just a click away! 

Skylar is trained to answer many of your banking inquiries. In the event you have stumped Skylar during business hours and need a “human” response, this communication tool leads seamlessly to live access to a customer support associate from Team Passumpsic who can provide a quicker pathway to the information you need. If it’s after hours, you can leave a message that will be returned during business hours! 

Features include:

Chat: Simply click the “Let’s Talk” button on our website, and Skylar will initiate a live chat session. You also can use the live chat feature to connect with a member of Team Passumpsic during business hours when you have questions or issues. 

CoBrowsing: This allows the customer support associate you’re working with to see what you are seeing on your computer screen to provide guidance as needed and see issues you might be having in real time. It basically allows us to show, not just tell, making our communication more specific and meaningful. 

Screen Sharing: If a customer support associate needs to see what you are experiencing outside the bank’s website (E-sign platforms, PDFs, etc), the member of Team Passumpsic you’re working with may request that you share your screen with them so they can get an actual view of the issue. Check out all of our Online Banking services here.